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The eternal twists of town and country. Wa ka ya ma :D


At the gallery today while Marco is in an exam. Getting out of the house is better than staying in. A Swedish guy at the hostel was looking for things to do, he had planned three things: one, tutankhamun exhibit, two, aquarium (across from the tutankhamun), and three, something else I forget. A full day planned. Sometimes people go to places just to cross them off a list, to extinguish and finish them and move on. It is an ok way of doing things but you can also be happy to move without a plan. First time I went to San Diego I remember coming in on the train (tram?) in a carriage full of young punks wearing vans and talking sedition, it was just getting dark and on the horizon a band off orange was all that was left of the day, the city’s lights were coming on as we shunted between stations, slowly, stopping alot. A funny memory and one that sticks with me I think because I had no idea where I was headed, I got a taxi to my friend’s place for $10, not alot of money but I was bummed about it at the time. At the gallery the floor is little tiles made from the centre of a tree, they are arranged so that the rings of the heart of the are all mixed up and disjoined, a pretty cool effect. Wood is put to good use in Japan, one feels and smells it and remembers it’s status as a (once) live material, which is a nice thing to have in your home.


Today got up with a little sake grime under my fingernails. I ‘d just had my first ever experience with Gyoza, which the dudes had been telling me about since forever, so when I got to the Capsule I was more than happy to see that the crew on floor 5 were keen to take a spin out into the night. The triangle park was our setting for the night, such a nice spot where you can go and slurp beers and do whatever, we watched skaters taking dives over the stairs and we played the uke with a freestyle rapper and a beat boxer, which was funny as, only knowing 4 chords and those guys killing it. 

Meanwhile people slide by on their bikes, princesses balanced upright on the stunt pegs holding onto their boyfriends shoulders as he peddles them home. So cool how people ride bikes around the city, dressed up to the nines as they eternally are, giving an air of informality to its incessant commercial hustle and bustle. This morning I was almost asleep at the bath house and I only just made it for the 10 am check out, hair wet, clothes crinkly. Perhaps the funniest thing about the capsule hotel is that you must exit between 10am and 5pm, it puts everyone staying there out onto the street which is so much better than many hostels I have been in where people watch movies all day. This forced transcience means that everyone has funny stories when they come back about where they napped, or got lost at, or whatever they did, you must have a story if you are out all day . In the morning they have an alarm that goes out over a speakers like in an airport, ‘bm bm bm, everyone get up you have 10 minutes to get out of here’ and that’s when you roll out of bed and start doing your thing, Ole!