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Why Not Exclaim ! ?


I hate when I want to put emphasis on individual words, but one of them is “I”

“Why should I care about YOU?”, it’s already capitalised, it just doesn’t work.

We need a more capitalised “-i”.

Try an exclamation mark   :~

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Why do people still forget to use capital letters? Is it so hard….

A nice look behind the scenes, especially at the start, making breakfast etc. But why so short at the end? Sometimes you lose, and, it ain’t the end of the world. The titling acknowledges this even, so why not roll on. Would have liked to have seen a little more here, through the afternoon and into the night. You can’t say that nothing interesting happened here.

Lagwagon  at the Cooly Hotel 29/11  

This was a short day trip to Nimbin. On the way out I remember seeing a sign post to Casino, only 37kms away. Funny to consider Beef Week and Mardi Grass as separated by so little, when the participants of each would be polar opposites   

Approvechate de la Verdadera

Evidence of global T- Butts

Perro Muerto (y despues vivo)